Integrity and cookie policy

Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s processing of personal data and usages of cookies

Information about how Hackholmssund Konferens AB processes personal data and uses cookies

When you visit Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s website, use the website’s services or communicate with us via e-mail you provide Hackholmssund Konferens AB with certain personal information. Such information can be collected if you express an interest in our products and services, or by the use of cookies that collect information about your behaviour and how you use our website.

This informative text describes how and why Hackholmssund Konferens AB processes the personal data that are collected through your usage of the website or communicate with us via e-mail. It also describes your rights and the cookies that are used and why. Personal data involves all information that directly or indirectly can identify a physical person, e.g. names, personal identity numbers, and IP-addresses etc.

This general text can be complemented with specific information regarding certain collecting or processing activities relating to personal data. We may also ask for your consent regarding particular processing activities. If specific information is provided or if consent is requested, then this will be in addition to, and with preference to, this general text.

Who is the controller of your personal data?

Hackholmssund Konferens AB is the controller of personal data and is responsible for processing your personal data collected through our website, our services or campaigns. Contact information can be found at the end of this policy. When it comes to communication via e-mail, it is the respective Hackholmssund Konferens AB-company that you have communicated with that is the controller for your personal data. Which this company is is stated in the respective privacy notice that has been added to your email correspondence. However, the contact information at the end of this policy still applies regardless of which Hackholmssund Konferens AB company is controller for your personal data in the case in question.

Being data controller means that the Hackholmssund Konferens AB company in question decides on the purpose (i.e. why information should be processed) and means (i.e. how it should be processed) for all processing activities concerning personal data, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the processing of information follows all applicable regulations for data protection.

With regards to cookies from third parties on the website, Hackholmssund Konferens AB is only responsible for the information that Hackholmssund Konferens AB receives from the relevant third party. If and to the extent that third-party cookies collect information used for other purposes, the relevant third party is responsible for such processing.

How is your personal data collected?

Your personal data, for example information regarding name and contact information, will be collected when you use the services on our website or communicate with us via e-mail and when you provide us with information, for example when you make a notice of interest for our projects, products or services. To make a notice of interest or communicate with us via e-mail, it is mandatory to provide us with certain

information. Notice of interest and other collection of data can also be performed at Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s partners’ websites, LinkedIn and Facebook included, which means that the partner then provides Hackholmssund Konferens AB with the necessary information.

Hackholmssund Konferens AB may also collect personal data on our websites, such as IP-addresses and user behaviour/patterns, when you use the website (e.g. which pages you visit and how you scroll and navigate on the website). Such data are collected through cookies or similar technology. Read more about cookies and the data that we collect through cookies further down in this text.

Why do we process your personal data and on what legal basis?

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. to ensure an efficient and secure usage of the website and to optimize/improve the user experience of the website;
  2. contact and communicate with you if you contact us through our website, via e-mail or through our partners’ websites; and

iii. to analyze statistics and user behavior/patterns on the website;

  1. to provide individualized services and content adapted to the information you provide us with;
  2. to offer targeted marketing, including ads, offers and recommendations adapted after the information you provide us with;
  3. to develop and improve the website and to make adaptions based on user requests.

Processing activities in accordance with paragraph i) and ii) will be performed based on Hackholmssund Konferens AB´s legitimate interests, which consists in that Hackholmssund Konferens AB want to be able to provide necessary functions on our website, and that Hackholmssund Konferens AB want to be able to communicate with you via our website.

Processing activities in accordance with paragraphs iii), iv), v, and vi) above is only performed provided that you have approved it in advance, i.e. that you have given your consent.

Transferring personal data

For the purposes stated above, Hackholmssund Konferens AB in some cases transfers your personal data to subcontractors or partners within or outside of the European Union/European Economic Area. Such subcontractors or partners can, for example, be hired to perform technical services for the website or for marketing. Hackholmssund Konferens AB will always take the necessary actions, such as entering into a personal data assistant agreement, to protect your personal data with the help of suitable technical and organizational protective measures.

If Hackholmssund Konferens AB transfers your information outside of the EU/EEA, such transfer normally takes place with the support of the European Commission’s standard agreements in accordance with Article 46 in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about the standard agreements at

Unless otherwise stated, the receiver of personal data may only process your personal data on behalf of Hackholmssund Konferens AB, and under no circumstances for their own purposes.

How long do we save your personal data?

Hackholmssund Konferens AB does not save your personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes stated above or what is required by law. Thereafter we delete your information or make it anonymous in such a way it can no longer be connected to you.

As a general rule, we will save your personal data when you declare your interest in our projects, products or services during the time that the project, product or service is offered by Hackholmssund Konferens AB. When you communicate with us via e-mail, we generally save your personal data during the time you have an ongoing business or other matter with us and two years thereafter.

If you have removed your declaration of interest, Hackholmssund Konferens AB may use certain personal data for the purpose of recovering you as an interested party, for twelve (12) months from your removal.

Hackholmssund Konferens AB may also save your personal data during a longer period of time to determine, enforce or defend against legal claims, or if we have a legal obligation to do so. For example, we save all accounting data according to the Swedish Accounting Act (“Bokföringslagen”, 1999: 1078), which results in a storage period of seven (7) years from the end of the accounting period.

See storage times for different cookies that are stored on your device under “Compilation of cookies and storage times” below.

Which rights do you have when registered?

You have the following rights according to the applicable data protection regulation:

  • When you have the right to access such information (the record of the processing activities shall be made available on requets) with additional information of the processing activities. Requests for such extracts must be made in writing and signed by you and sent to the address at the bottom om this policy. Label the envelope “Dataskydd”. To be sure that the register extract is not sent to the wrong person, we will send it to your population registration address (folkbokföringsadress).
  • If you believe that your personal data are incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request that the information be corrected.
  • Under certain circumstances, you can request that your personal data is deleted or limited.
  • When processing is performed based on legitimate interests, you have the right to object to such processing activities. If the objection concerns processing for direct marketing, the personal data shall no longer be processed for this purpose.
  • Upon request, you may also, under certain circumstances, obtain and transfer some of your personal data to another controller of personal data, i.e. data portability.
  • If you believe that Hackholmssund Konferens AB has processed your personal data incorrectly or in violation of applicable data protection regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), at

If you want to exercise your rights in relation to Hackholmssund Konferens AB according to the above paragraphs, please provide us with a signed request in accordance with the contact details at the end of this text.

About cookies

Below is a description of which cookies we use on our website and why we use them, and also how you as visitor on our website can reject these cookies. This policy uses the concept “cookies” as a generic name for web beacons, pixel tags and other identifiers and/or tracking techniques.

What is cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are embedded in your computer, tablet or smart phone when you visit Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s website, and they make it possible for Hackholmssund Konferens AB to recognize your web browser when you visit our website. The cookies contain information about your browser, for example which type of browser and screen resolution, and your activity on Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s website, for example when and what content you have seen and clicked on and which website you visited before your visit to our website.

To use the website and all of its functions without interference, you have to accept certain cookies. When you visit our website, you are asked to accept the use of cookies. You always have the possibility to limit our use of cookies and/or delete cookies. This can however affect the website and its functionality. For more details on how to limit and delete cookies, see further below.

Which cookies do we use and why?

Hackholmssund Konferens AB uses cookies for a number of purposes, among others to receive information on how the website is used, in order to improve the user experience on the website, and also for internal statistical purposes, for example to count the number of unique website visitors. In addition to this, Hackholmssund Konferens AB can, with the help of cookies, recognize your unit when you visit the website again, store information about your activities and preferences on the website and offer you targeted ads, adapted to your interests. We use so-called session cookies that are temporary and deleted when you close your browser. We also use permanent cookies, which are stored on your device for a longer, specified, period or until you choose to delete them yourself. How long different cookies are stored on your device is shown in the table below.

Which types of cookies we use and why we use them can be categorized in the following way:


Certain cookies are necessary if you want to use our website and all of its functions, for example so that we can identify requests from the same browser for a limited session time.


Functional cookies contains a unique ID and help the website store user settings, such as information about [language, region and other preferences], to provide you with individualized and adapted services and content.


These cookies are used to analyze the website’s performance and to identify and fix possible problems as soon as Hackholmssund Konferens AB discovers them.


We use marketing cookies to store information about user activity on our website, including which pages the user has visited and which links he or she has clicked on, but also how the user moves between different websites. Hackholmssund Konferens AB uses this information to offer targeted and adapted marketing that we believe is relevant and of interest to you. With the help of marketing cookies, Hackholmssund Konferens AB can also show ads when the user visits other websites. Finally, these cookies are used to make sure that the same ads are not displayed to you too many times, and to measure the efficiency of our marketing campaigns.


We also use third-party cookies on our website, this means that they come from a different domain name sender than the one you visit. The same third-party cookie can be used by several different websites that work together to understand how visitors browse between the websites. Information from these cookies can be shared with us but also be used for other purposes. This is controlled by the respective actor who is responsible for and delivers the cookie.

Compilation of cookies and storage times

How can you limit or delete cookies?

You can delete all cookies from your device and you can set your browser/change your settings so that you will automatically reject cookies or be informed that a website uses cookies. You can read more about how you can deny and delete cookies here

To get full access to Hackholmssund Konferens AB’s products and services online, you will have to accept cookies. If you choose to delete or limit the use of cookies, some functions on our website will not work and you will not be able to access the entire website. In addition, you will have to set your preferences manually, such as language, every time you visit our website.

Contact details for the controller of personal data

If you have questions about the processing of your personal data or about cookies, or if you want to exercise your rights in accordance with the above paragraphs, you are welcome to contact us.

Hackholmssund Konferens AB, reg. no. 556527-9659

Att: Hackholmssund Konferens AB

E-mail: (Note, not applicable to requests for access)

Do you want to send us a request for access? Please see more information on how to proceed under the paragraph “Which rights do you have when registered?”.